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Patient Waiting List Admission Questionnaire

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Medical Information

Medical information needs to be filled out so it can help us to determine if patient is eligible for admission.

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Physician Referring This Patient

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History of mental Illness? - If Yes, describe:
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Mental Status
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Activities Of Daily Living

Bladder Control
Bowel Control
Is patient independent in toileting
Does patient have any known drug allergies or sensitivities - If Yes, Please Specify
Does patient require oxygen
Does patient have any skin problems or wounds?
If Yes, please describe and give location
Does patient require any other special treatments?
If Yes, please describe (Tracheostomy, Colostomy, Feeding Tube, etc)
Current Medications
Have there been any hospital stays within the last 6 months? - If Yes, please specify the dates:
Does the patient have any Advance Directives, Living Will, Guardian, or Durable Power of Attorney?
If Yes, please specify

Contact Information

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Alternate Contacts (Please list an alternate in the event that the primary contact cannot be reached. We need to be able to reach this party between the hours of 8:00 AM & 4:00 PM
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